Wirquin’s SLIM mini, slimmest shower waste on the market at only 40mm under the slab!

One of the most important, yet least actioned part of installing a new shower channel, trap or waste is the effective waterproofing thereof. Avoiding water leaking through the cracks that will create damp and an increasing list of problems from then onwards, seems to be an underestimated issue in the industry.

As solution providers, Wirquin Manufacturing has launched a brand new shower waste trap which solves this reoccurring issue, the Wirquin Slim Mini has a unique pre-mounted waterproof flange which reinforces and provides waterproofing to secure your waste in its place and provide peace of mind that there will be no returning in the future months to correct these haunting plumbing issues.

The Slim Mini is an extremely slimline shower waste at only 40mm in depth. An EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) board reinforced with a patented mixture of polymerized cement, mortar and fiberglass ensures a 100% damp-proof seal. The patented compound guarantees strength and durability.

As pioneers in waterless trap membrane technology, which means that our traps no longer require water to eliminate odours and it enables the creation of a shallower trap, such as the Slim Mini.

Wirquin can manufacture and supply more space saving unique products. Special design features allow for all water seepage through the tile cement and grout to be channelled out of the waste and down the evacuation pipe, not into the floors and walls causing rising damp. This innovation is an economical solution guaranteeing your wet room shower projects for both professional Plumbers and the handy home DIY’ers.

The shower waste has a horizontal orientation of 360 degrees post installation, allowing the grid alignment with the tiles or mosaics, while keeping the direction of the outlet where plumbed, the easier the installations the sooner you or your client can enjoy the shower.

Another Wirquin Innovation, to better serve the market and your needs.

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Look out the Matt black range coming out soon.