Wirquin, innovator and initiator for the sanitary ware industry for the last 40 years.

Wirquin Manufacturing focuses on providing high quality, innovative solutions to many problems within the construction, architectural and plumbing industries. The key is to prioritise long term benefits over short term low-cost solutions.

Wirquin Manufacturing South Africa stems its innovative roots from its’ global mother company Wirquin Group. The Wirquin Group originated in France in 1977, by Daniel Le Coënt and Henri Wirquin, and spread into South Africa in 1999 and further into many countries such as Portugal, Russia, China, United Kingdom, Spain, and Romania. Since, it has grown steadily over the years and as a pioneer in its field, invests 5% of its turnover into research and development to produce and launch on average ten innovative products a year, the group attributes this success to its talented staff, innovative thinking, and value-driven culture.

Wirquin manufactures sanitary ware products and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and toilets alike. The products range from toilet seats, cisterns, dual-flush mechanisms, pan connectors, bath, shower and basin wastes, traps and a variety more of innovative solutions.

Sanitary ware in the affordable housing sector is a developing space in South Africa, with numerous new sites, re-developments and the revival of old buildings increasing, one of the biggest errors made by developers, contractors, and suppliers in the industry is in specifying, as pricing over quality prevails, rather than long-term quality of the products and their effectiveness.

And to this issue, Wirquin strives to supply the plumbing market, internationally, with products that are both beneficial and cost saving to all. This is achieved through the design and manufacturing process of our products that conform to the set European Standards, which are not only affordable but often time and water saving. The combination of these factors fulfils the developer’s requirements of an overall cost-effective project and simultaneously ensure a quality product is installed.

The Wirquin brand is best known for its innovations such as the Quick-Clac, the pop-up waste plug, with a non-wearing washer inspired by a ballpoint ‘clicking’ motion initiated by a simple press of the thumb. Another, the SLIM line shower wastes designed specifically to fit the flattest shower trays. With one of the best, the 3/6 Lt mechanism (Dual Flush), with the aim of saving water by means of creating a cable operated push button which allows the user to select a full flush or half flush option, this saves up to 40 000 litres of water per year.

Wirquin’s newest award-winning product, the Wirquin Neo Air, is a bottle trap that hosts an integrated Air Admittance Valve, to eliminate water trap syphoning, trap smells and noises. This water seal is available in 50mm and 80mm options f

or a basin, urinals, bidets, and sinks and is one of the cheapest traps on the market.

Wirquin Neo Air

Quick Clac

Slim Expert Shower Trap

Dual Flush