We at Wirquin firmly believe that we have a major RESPONSIBILITY towards our community and employees.

Only a SUSTAINABLE approach to management, with consideration shown for the environment, STAFF WELL-BEING and development, will enable us to enhance our global position and strengthen our brands in the LONG TERM.

Inventing well-being at its best

The epitome of well-being, kitchens and bathrooms are places where we interact, dream up new plans or simply enjoy our own company. We believe that fitting them with the best equipment is essential.

Our mission is to improve the comfort and hygiene of toilets, bathrooms and kitchens by offering SOLUTIONS focused on saving water, space and time for end users.

Creativity and a great deal of passion.

We combine expertise, creativity and a great deal of passion to produce our innovations.

Every Wirquin product offers top quality, elegant design, and cleverly designed systems, combining savings (water, time, space, etc.) and simplicity both in terms of installation and use.

Forty years after the Wirquin Group was formed, it has become a key player in the following product areas:

  • Plumbing: flushing mechanisms, cisterns, waste systems for washbasin, kitchen sinks, showers and baths, connectors, etc.
  • Sanitary equipment: toilet seats, frames, walk-in showers, hydrotherapy, etc.

And we have no intention of stopping there!