Venisio Compact Shower Waste

Create a designer walk-in shower in the tightest of spaces.
Thanks to it’s smart membrane technology, VENISIO
COMPACT is an extra-flat shower drain at only 55mm in
drain height, guaranteed odourless and easy to clean.
Easy to install, this new tileable shower drain is 360°orientable
to suite the angle of waste pipe, its ABS plastic flange
offers easier and better sealing between the waste and
slab, and with its high flow rate it’s a pleasure to take a
shower without water build up.


ULTRA COMPACT extra flat tileable shower drain.
NO SMELLS: The silicone membrane replaces the water trap and blocks the rise of odours.
EASY CLEANING: The silicone membrane is removable and accessible from above. The hair filter is removable for easy cleaning.
NO LEAKS: The ABS flange offers easier and better sealing between the waste and slab.
EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION: Ø40 outlet, screw fit or solvent weld, orientable to suit angle of waste pipe. Check our instruction file.
HIGH FLOW RATE:  Up to 30L/min under 20mm of water.
DESIGN: Brushed stainless steel grid
VENISIO COMPACT is suitable for tiles up to 10mm. For additional height, an optional additional 6mm spacer is required (not included – ref. 30722815).
To protect your shower, do not use cleaning products that contain acid or harsh chemicals.