Twisto Square D90 Shower Waste

Twisto square waste
Shower waste TWISTO D90 mm
D40 mm outlet
Depth under tray / in floor: 96 mm including grid
Water seal: 50 mm
Flow rate: 32 L/min
Grid: Brushed stainless steel
For mosaic/built in shower applications
Packaging – Blister – 01/05

Warranty 5 Years

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The revolutionary design within the trap enables the trap to work with a venturie, thus sucking the water from the shower floor
Extra fast flow rate – 32 L/min under 15mm head of water
Uncloggable in normal conditions
Compact design for easy installation
Horizontal 40mm outlet
40 -50mm adaptor supplied

34040401 - TWISTO Square Technical Data Sheet.pdf
34040401 - Twisto Square Shower Waste