Wirquin NEO 50mm Universal Bottle Trap

Wirquin NEO Bottle Trap – 50mm water seal
Universal Trap with both 32 and 40mm inlet
Water seal: 50 mm
Flow rate (50mm Water Seal): 57,5 L / min
Height (50mm Water Seal): 145 <205 mm

Warranty 10 Years

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Wirquin NEO traps can be used on sinks, wash basins, hand basins,urinals or bidets
Thanks to its bi-injection technology, the washers are directly moulded into the trap
No more risk of losing washers during installation
Fitted with a 40-32mm reducing ring on the inlet
A recessed cap enables the water in the trap to be emptied out when removing the trap
The cap is removed and installed simply by quarter turn rotation
Suits both 32mm and 40mm wastes
Compact to fit neatly under the bowl
Extendable inlet tube
High gloss white finish
Quick Fit 40mm outlet, 40 to 50mm pipe adaptor also supplied
Easy to clean and maintain