Venisio Slim MATT BLACK Shower Channel

Venisio Slim MATT BLACK
Available in 300mm and 500mm lengths
Ideal for small spaces and designed for renovation, the VENISIO SLIM shower channel combines compactness performance, while bringing a touch of design to the bathroom
Full Pack and channel grid
Channel with MATT BLACK coated stainless steel grid – Reversible to tile
Small footprint: only 50 mm high
Flow rate: 35 L/min
Connection: Ø40 mm female to be glued
Water seal: Silicone Membrane
Easy to remove the filter and clean from above
Self adhesive butyl waterproofing band included
Adjustable height: from 50mm to 100mm
The level of the channel is determined by the feet mounted on ball, the adjustment is done from above
Post installation height adjustment

Guarantee 5 Years

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A PERFECT FINISH: Fine-tune the frame height by using the adjustable supports (+2mm). Compatible with tiles with a thickness between 8 and 16mm.
EXTRA-FLAT: Only 50 mm disbursement height needed.
MEMBRANE TRAP: Replaces the water trap for unrivaled performance. Equipped with an anti back-siphoning system, it guarantees no smells, because it replaces the water seal. The membrane is removable and accessible from above.
TOTALLY WATERPROOF: For best results use with a self-adhesive butyl band (provided in the pack) and a plaster sealant (not included) for perfect watertight seal.
EASY TO ADJUST: Divisible, ball-joint feet. Adjustable height.
POST INSTALLATION ADJUSTMENT: Grid height adjustable with spacers supplied.
Flow rate (with 20mm of water) meets NF EN 1253 criteria, 35 L/min
Height of channel (under floor)50mm
Adjustable height from 50 to 110 mm
Connection to drainage system: Ø40 mm female to be glued
Materials: Trap – ABS. Plate – stainless steel. Surround and grate – MATT BLACK coated stainless steel
Available in 2 lengths: 300mm and 500mm

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35910002 - Venisio Slim MATT BLACK Shower Channel 300mm
35910003 - Venisio Slim MATT BLACK Shower Channel 500mm