Jollytronic Infra red flush sensor – Activator ONLY

Infra red flush sensor – – Activator ONLY
Infra red no touch flush sensor
Diameter of cover hole (mm): 38 to 45
Water saving: Infra red flush
Mechanism: Top

Packaging – Blister – 01/01
Guarantee 1 Year

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Infra red Flush button for use in Top Flush Cisterns
With its patented system, JOLLYTRONIC attaches directly to cistern lid on new or existing top flush installation
This new gasket ensures hygeinic flushing without having to touch the button or handle
Operated by 4 x AA batteries, with a lifecycle of 15 000 flushes
There is also a manual override should the batteries fail
(retro fit on existing WIRQUIN top flush cable systems)

Wirquin Jollytronic product data sheet A4_DIY_V04_web.pdf10923010_JOLLYTRONIC_ACTIVATOR_ONLY.pdf