Jollyflex Extra Short FLEXIBLE pan connector

Jollyflex extra short FLEXIBLE White
Length: 215 – 320 mm
Pan Outlet: D80 – D105 mm
Drain Connector: D104 – D110 mm

Packaging – Film – 01/20
Guarantee 2 Years

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Provides flexible solution
Eliminates the need to use two different solid pipes to make a joint
Negates the need to cut rigid pips
Adjustable from 215mm to 320mm
Removable fins, allowing universal connection (solvent and push fit)
Elastomer seal for a tight leak free seal onto the pan
Finned seal for internal fit into 110mm PVC pipe
No sealing agents required to ensure leak free installation
Conforms to National Building Regulation standards requirements, SANS 10400

71080201 - JOLLYFLEX Extra short Technical Data Sheet.pdf