Jollyfill Telescopic Bottom Entry Brass Tailpiece INLET VALVE 3/8 inch

BOTTOM ENTRY INLET VALVE – 0.1 – 16 BAR – 3/8 inch
TELESCOPIC: adapts to all tank heights
COMPACT: Ideal in narrow cisterns
QUIET: fast and very quiet filling
ADJUSTMENT: simple and precise water level by unclipping the screw
FAST FILL: 6 liters in 33 seconds at 3 bar
Patented anti-breakage safety system (against excessive tightening)
Operates at low and high pressure: from 0.1 to 16 bars
Resistant to pressure peaks of up to 20 bar
3/8 “brass ferrule
Anti water hammer
Water saving: Delayed action filling

Guarantee 10 Years

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Patented system against unreasonable tightening
Ultra quiet (17 decibels)
Eliminates water hammer
Conform and or comply to SABS, WRAS (UK Standards), NF (French Standard), DIN (German Standards) and EN (European Standards)
Jollyfill range 0,1 to 16 bar working pressure
Resistant to pressure peaks of up to 20 bar

Packaging – Bag – 01/36

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