Club Toilet Seat – Avocado – Plastic hinge

COLOUR Thermoset seat + cover with colour matched plastic bottom fix hinges
Hinge hole centres: 110-170mm
Seat projection adjustable: 422/427/432mm
Seat width: 375mm
Nominal Weight: 1.5 kg
Extremely strong, durable and hard wearing material
Resistant to scratches, flames and chemicals
Natural anti-viral properties

Thermoset Seats are manufactured from Transformed Urea Formaldehyde (T.U.F), a dense material noted for its incredible strength and durability
Such resilient and anti-viral properties make it ideal for high traffic areas such as hospitals and building developments

Packaging – Box – 01/06
Warranty 2 Years
Anti bacterial
LOCK+ Included (Stop Seat Movement)

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Club Avocado With colour matched plastic hinges
Application: Public, Private, School
Hygienically friendly – Anti bacterial qualities
Medium Duty, cost effective thermoset option
Colour matched plastic hinges
Universal Contemporary Design seat to fit all standard shaped pans
Ideal for household and contract purposes in medium traffic areas
Scratch proof and water resistant

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