Bath Trap Waste Plug + Chain

Bath trap waste plug and chain
White bath trap and waste and plug and chain
Overflow length: 500 mm
Height under the bath: 119 mm
50 mm water seal
Flow rate: 47 L/min
Overflow: Stainless steel
Plug: Plastic

Warranty 2 Years

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Affordable bath trap, the perfect easy to install complete trap solution
A Stainless Steel Overflow cover that allows the plug to be stowed
The overflow is adaptable to suit all thickness baths
500mm overflow tube supplied fits all side outlet baths
A Stainless Steel Waste is supplied that suites most bath thicknesses
The orientable SP602 trap supplied eliminates the need for bends and fittings under the bath
The waste pipe attaches by means of a 40mm compression fitting supplied
40/50mm adaptor supplied for 50mm pipe applications

30930017 - BATH PLUG AND CHAIN Bath Waste Technical Data Sheet.pdf