You are currently viewing NEW VENISIO COMPACT shower waste. NO SMELLS, and EASY TO INSTALL.


The VENISIO COMPACT shower drain, yet another WIRQUIN high quality, installer friendly shower product to add to your DIY projects or your contractor’s basket. Suited to walk-in shower renovations or larger developments where product functionality and reliability are key.

This new compact shower drain from WIRQUIN hosts a variety of attributes that are moving ahead of current times. Thanks to its smart membrane technology, VENISIO COMPACT is extra-flat with only a 55mm high shower drain.

Easy to install, this new shower drain is orientable to suite the angle of waste pipe, its ABS plastic flange offers easier and better sealing between the waste and slab, and with its high flow rate of up to 30 L/min, it is a pleasure to take a shower without water build up.

With VENISIO COMPACT, it is easy to take on a new bathroom renovation project. Create a designer walk-in shower in the tightest of spaces with a removable high end brushed stainless steel grid.

Upon an inquisitive inspection, you will find the lighter grey silicone membrane under the grid, which somewhat resembles a duck’s beak, this removable waterless trap replaces the need for a water seal. This feature is what sets the WIRQUIN VENISIO range apart, as the silicone membrane opens with the flow of water and then closes when the water passes through to block the rise of odours from the waste pipes. This also prevents noises in the waste pipes as the natural ventilation deters the suction or siphoning effect which commonly occurs with normal water traps, especially multi-story buildings. This membrane with a built-in hair filter is easily removed for cleaning and just as easy to put back in!

VENISIO COMPACT is suitable for tiles up to 10mm thick. An optional additional 6mm spacer is available if required for applications that may require additional height.

The perfect solution for showers in tight spaces, with a 5-year guarantee!


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